IPAC / Power Chemicals Ltd

IPAC Chemicals Ltd.

Founded in 1987, IPAC provides customized engineered solutions for water treatment, dust control, wastewater, industrial cleaning and sanitation. We offer a number of proprietary water treatment formulations to prevent corrosion, scale, deposit and biological fouling in steam boilers, chillers, open recirculating cooling water systems, and other industrial process equipment. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance the efficiency of your process while extending the lifespan of your equipment. Other products included specialty chemicals to improve air quality and environmental safety, industrial cleaners and degreasers for transportation and food processing plants, and flocculants and coagulants for wastewater.

POWER Chemicals Ltd.

Since 1976 Power Chemicals has provided custom-engineered chemical solutions and technical service for the pulp and paper, mining, coal, primary metals, bulk terminals and solid wood industries. The focus of our team of scientists and engineers is to provide technically innovative economical solutions for our customers in process improvements and efficiencies, as well as environmental and occupational health and safety improvements. Our proprietary knowledge and technology in dust suppressants, scale inhibitors, fireside additives, combustion catalysts, anti-freeze agents, hydrogen sulphide scavengers, pulping enzymes, and liquid and dry polymers provide us with the means to help our customers.


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