IPAC / Power Chemicals Ltd


Bid Quoting

IPAC 's knowledgable technical team will assist mechanical contractors by examining specifications and drawings, working with mechanical consultants to select the best equipment systems and chemical programs to treat the HVAC systems.

Specialized Equipment Design

For highly sophisticated operations, custom designed 'turn-key' operations can be the only method of attaining proper treatment. Utilizing this avenue, systems can be designed or overhauled to suit the specific demands of the process which can lead to greatly enhanced efficiency of the chemical consumption, overall process or both. Even more simple operations can benefit from communication among the contractor, an IPAC Water Treatment Specialist and engineering firm to ensure the correct equipment is being supplied for the job. 

Testing Equipment

The requirement of any chemical program is that it should be monitored regularly. Maintaining chemistry is an ongoing balance and requires the cooperation of onsite staff and a water treatment specialist. Briefing in practical treatment knowledge, system operation, optimization theory, chemical control and testing is essential to the success of any water treatment program. IPAC can also provide specialized on site analysis that include but not limit to corrosion coupons; ATP; corrator; oxygen, H2S, NH3 & VOC measurements, plus air sampling to measure the success of a dust control program.


Proper commissioning is important to the life span of any mechanical equipment. IPAC's knowledge and experience will guide the contractors to successfully commission the systems with direct supervision and involvement from the beginning to the handing over the building to the owner.