IPAC / Power Chemicals Ltd

Dust Suppression

We provide dust suppressants to a wide variety of industries, both domestically and internationally. Industries served include hard rock mining, coal mining, coal-fired power plants, cement plants, sulfur, iron ore, steel, and petroleum coke and other bulk handling facilities as well as pulp and paper.  Our proprietary, environmentally-friendly dust suppressants provide excellent suppression for conveyed materials, stockpiles, tailings and fly ash as well as roadways. Many of our products are winter grade, capable of being applied and providing excellent performance down to temperatures as low as -40oC and in excess of 100oC. Extensively tested for environmental weathering and wind effects, these products are field proven with excellent cost-performance.

Fig1. Untreated Pet Coke Stock pile Fig2. Envirobind PCW treated stockpile

Conveyed Materials 

Our water based Envirobind series of products are the result of five years of investment in fundamental R&D. They are custom-formulated to control fugitive dust at a wide range of temperatures (-40oC to >100oC) to a wide variety of substrates including sulphur, coal, petroleum coke, fly ash, mineral ores, limestone ore, and wood-based materials. Envirobind products can be applied to substrates diluted with water or as-delivered form, which minimizes the amount of moisture added to the substrate. We design our own reliable, hardy application equipment to properly dose, apply and control each application. Downstream effects including mineral processing, combustion, crushing and screening, cement processing and coke manufacture have all been considered during the development of the products and has been proven in many operations.

Stockpiled Materials

Our Envirocrust product technology was developed during three years of intensive R&D, culminating in a patent application at the end of 2008. This product is applicable to a wide variety of substrates and provides unmatched smart technology to control fugitive dust on stockpiles, tailings and other large surface areas. Penetration into the substrate, intimate interaction with the substrate and the ability to self heal cracks due to settling or sloughing all differentiate this unique chemistry from other technologies. A water based product, Envirocrust can be diluted to suit every application, provides excellent immediate dust suppression and will begin to set in minutes. While the surface hardness is sufficient to support walking traffic, it will easily breakdown with equipment handling, thus creating no downstream handling issues. Application temperature ranges from 0oC to 50oC, however once applied the surface persists through multiple cycles of weather including extreme sub-zero temperatures and freeze-drying conditions.

In conditions where application to substrates in sub-zero conditions are required, such as mid-winter melt and subsequent freeze-drying, Envirobind ET provides the capability to treat down to -30oC. Effective immediately, and capable of melting the substrate to enable penetration and surface formation, Envirobind ET has been used to treat stockpiles and tailings areas where other products simply cannot be used.