IPAC / Power Chemicals Ltd

Scale Inhibitors

Power Scale Inhibitors have been used for over 25 years by a wide variety of industries including kraft pulp mills, mining operations, mineral processing facilities, thermo-mechanical pulp and chemical processes. Equipment specific to our applications include heat exchangers, air scrubbers, refiners, dissolving tanks, pumps, flow meters and reclaimed water piping. Our Research & Development team custom-formulates scale inhibitor products using our proprietary scale formation test apparatus. A thorough technical review of the scale forming liquors, deposit analyses and process system review in combination with our fundamental knowledge of scale formation mechanisms provides us with unique capabilities to solve our customer's problems. Successful prevention of scale formation provides our customers with improved production rates, shutdown avoidance, specific equipment performance improvements, and overall operational reliability improvements. At a very low continuous application rate dosed to your system with custom designed application equipment, our Powerhib products keep your process equipment free of scale, making sure your process operates at maximum capacity. The extremely low dosage and our knowledge of downstream process limitations ensure your finished product quality is not impacted. There are no known interferences with flocculation, floatation or reaction chemistries. Our Research & Development team is continuously testing new chemistries in order to improve both performance and application costs.