IPAC / Power Chemicals Ltd

Freeze Control

Power Freeze Control products provide unique anti-freeze capabilities for conveyors, chutes, rail cars, truck beds and other surfaces prone to ice buildup and well as full-scale bulk material. However, unique in the anti-freeze market, our Enviromelt product line consists of products that are non-toxic to people, fish, microbiology, animals and the environment. Downstream effects have been taken into consideration, and the products are non-corrosive and non-TDG controlled. Improved reliability of handling systems, improved handling of materials, lower maintenance costs, reduced backhaul costs, and improved worker-friendliness are key benefits of using our Freeze Control products - all at competitive application cost.  Enviromelt and Enviromelt SCR are the cornerstone of the product line and have been proven in conveyor belt, chutes and rail car applications to date.