IPAC / Power Chemicals Ltd

Odor Control

Our unique line of proprietary products include effective scrubbing reagents for dangerous materials such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan and other sulfur-based odour chemistries as well as sterilizing materials for effective microbiocidal control of odour causing materials.

Scavenger Agents: Power technology scrubbing agents are water-based, safe and easy to apply and provide fast, effective cleansing of process equipment including process tanks and vessels, stripper columns, turpentine storage tanks, NCG systems, lime kiln scrubbers and sewers and isolated areas. Enviroscrub and Powerscrub products are formulated for outdoor year around and indoor applications, as well as specific conditions in each application area.

Antimicrobials: For control of clarifiers, settling ponds and other large water bodies where scrubbing is ineffective and cost prohibitive, our sterilizer chemistries provide effective control of the odour causing bacteria. Improved safety and health risks, reduced shutdown times, and no negative impact on effluent quality or microbiology are key customer benefits. Our Ipacide product line consists of a variety of FDA/NSF approved products which are effective at very low dosage rates and application costs.