IPAC / Power Chemicals Ltd

Fireside Additives

Power Chemicals was founded on fireside additive technology in 1976, and continues to be a major part of our business. Our proprietary liquid and powder products provide both deposit reduction and/or combustion catalysis to improve the combustion characteristics of a wide variety of materials. Biomass, waste combustion and both kraft and sulphite recovery boilers have all been treated successfully. The benefits of using Powerlite and Powercat products include improved run length period, reduced shutdown time, softer grates and therefore reduced cleaning times, improved combustion and energy removal efficiency and improved operational reliability. Continuous R&D in this area has led us to developing technology unique to Power.

Fig.1 Power Boiler Slag after treatment on the left, before treatment on the right


Our custom formulated and manufactured powder products provide the most cost-effective control of fireside deposits and combustion catalysis in Recovery Boiler, and Waste and Biomass applications. Added to the boiler via custom-designed Automatic Powerlite Hopper Feeders and available in super-sack quantities, these products are added to specific areas of each boiler design on a continuous or pre-programmed schedule which optimizes performance and cost. Hands-free addition of these products via extremely hardy and reliable equipment minimizes labour and handling costs. 


These proprietary, highly concentrated water-based solutions of either ash modifiers and/or combustion catalysts provide unique capabilities for Waste and Biomass Combustion applications. Being liquid solutions, the chemistry delivery is in the form of molecules as opposed to particles found in powdered products. This provides the ability to combine intimately with the substrate and deliver the chemistry much more effectively, especially in one-pass boiler applications. Applied directly to the subsrate prior to firing, the dosing systems are simple and effective and can be interlocked to the material feed system to optimize dosage.